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The Musculo-skeletal Health Seminar is designed to assist



people to identify the cause of their musculo-skeletal dysfunction and teach them the exercises they need to do to restore poor function to good – or stop the dysfunction from happening in the first place.




organisations to measure and manage the risk of staff making workers compensation claims for joint and muscle pain 'caused' by incidents that people in good musculo-skeletal health take in their stride.


Once your staff have completed this Musculo-skeletal Health Seminar they’ll willingly participate in a daily 10 minutes of strength and flexibility exercise program.


During the seminar staff complete a Specific Joint Assessment Profile and the 10 point Musculo-skeletal Risk Screen. From these results you’ll have a good idea of what the risk to the organisation is and what to do to manage it.


From the results you’ll be able work out what to do to erect a firewall between the personally generated musculo-skeletal dysfunctions and the genuine work-related injuries.



This is a program for all staff – the risk is too high to let people pick and chose whether they want to attend.


We recommend staff to do it in sections so managers and supervisors can get a feel for the enormity of the problem and shoulder some of the responsibility for managing it.



We can conduct 4 sessions per day – starting at 7.00 am. Each session takes 2 hours.

If the area is large enough we can handle 20 – 25 people at a time.



We take people through the 10 point Musculo-skeletal Risk Screen so they can get an idea of how weak and tight they are.


We provide organisations with an audit report generated by our health information management system, that includes individual scores. With this information you’ll be able to better manage the risk of those people in poor musculo-skeletal health and those at grave risk to the organisation’s workers compensation arrangements.


If the seminars are rolled out section by section, the audit report can be used as a management tool to not only lower the risk of musculo-skeletal dysfunction but also provide information on general health, fitness and wellbeing and OH&S management in general.



Based on our experience, participants will willingly agree to take part in a 10 minute stretching and strengthening session each day.


However, this will only happen if managers and supervisors are given a key performance indicator (KPI) to drive the program. Ideally they will want to demonstrate that after 6 months their staff are stronger, more flexible, in better alignment and less pained that they were when the program first started.


Rewards and incentives can be built into the program.


Based on our experience, participants in pain and at grave risk will willingly agree to take part in several more intensive sessions each week or participate in the Pro-Active Rehab program.


A Daily Exercise program can be conducted by staff, with supervisors and managers providing general oversight. More intensive sessions in the workplace can be managed by staff trained and accredited by Integrated Health Systems.



For a modest investment participants will have download access to the complete Global Back Care set of ebooks.



This program is an investment in, not a cost to your business.


The aim of the program is to reduce your worker’s compensation costs of musculo-skeletal dysfunction by 80%. In essence you’re investing a small amount of money up front to save the high cost of worker’s compensation arrangements further down the track.




The Pro-Active Rehab Musculo-skeletal Health Seminar is designed for people who want to improve their musculo-skeletal health. It is a must for people with lower back pain, stiff necks, painful shoulders, hips, knees and wrists!


By attending this seminar you will learn

  • what are the main causes of the common, personally-generated musculo-skeletal dysfunctions

  • how to make the distinction between an injury and a dysfunction – this will impact on who you’re going to blame and what you’re going to do to get rid of the pain!

  • how to measure the risk of getting a crook back, stiff neck, sore shoulders and painful arms

  • how to protect and/or rehabilitate yourself from back, neck, shoulder, wrist, hip and knee dysfunction using the Pro-Active Rehab conditioning program

  • how to protect yourself with a good ergonomic set-up at work and at home

  • why the rub down, crunch, hot wheat bag, electric shock, Celebrex tablet and scalpel are unsatisfactory treatments for the personally-generated musculo-skeletal dysfunctions.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you’ll learn some of the key exercises you need to do on a regular and systematic basis to get yourself back in better alignment and pain free.


The key to getting back into good musculo-skeletal health is ‘patient heal thyself’.


By the end of the seminar you’ll be in a good position to know what to do to get yourself back into a pain free state. You don’t need a PhD in rocket, medical or pharmaceutical science. All you need to do is find a bit of time each week to do the exercises which will get your body back into better alignment and strong enough to do every day tasks in comfort.


You’ll receive an interactive work book.


Bring your reading glasses and a pen. Wear comfortable slacks. (Don’t wear jeans and don’t even think of coming in a frock.)



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