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We've put together a risk spread sheet of over 1,200 people from a wide range of organisations to let you know the sort of risk organizations are carrying.


When you look at the physical condition of some people you can see the enormity of the workers compensation problem that's unfolding in workplaces all over Australia.


50% of people gave themselves 5/10 or less for the current condition of their musculo-skeletal system. Big risk.


30% of people couldn't do 10 situps.


20% of people couldn't do 10 pressups.


34% of people had dysfunctional shoulders.


70% of people didn't have a regular and systematic strength training program.


80% of people didn't have a regular and systematic flexibility training program.


Is it any wonder they they breakdown?


And if the breakdown happens is alleged to have happened at work, then guess who gets lumbered with the rehab bill?


Failure to measure and manage risk of personally-generated body system dysfunctions is costing organizations a fortune.


The risk is measurable and manageable.



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