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In association with our musculo-skeletal health partner our clients will receive a copy of the Global Back Care suite of ebooks




Fix Back Pain

Fix Back Pain covers just about everything you need to know about the causes and treatment of lower back pain. What you'll get in the Fix Back Pain ebook is firstly, a detailed outline of the causes of back pain. Secondly I'll teach you some of the key exercises you need to do to strengthen and loosen the muscles designed to keep your back in good alignment. Do that there's a good chance your pain will go away.


Fix Neck Pain

In the Fix Neck Pain ebook I show you how to diagnose and treat the cause of neck pain.
Here's what you'll get:
• a detailed outline of what’s causing your neck pain.
• some of the key exercises you need to do to relieve your neck pain.
• we’ll show you how to strengthen and loosen those muscles designed to keep your head on the top of your shoulders.


Fix Shoulder Pain

Fix Shoulder Pain has a detailed description of why people get shoulder pain. A third of your shoulder pain probably comes from the same place as lower back pain - tight calf, hamstring and buttock muscles. Another third of your pain comes from weak shoulder muscles. The final third of your pain comes from tight muscles around your shoulders. I provide you with the exercises you need to do to get your shoulders back in good shape.


Fix Wrist Pain

The species designed to draw water, chop wood and climb trees can no longer tap a keyboard of push a mouse without coming down with wrist pain. Wrist pain is often diagnosed as an over-use injury. We suspect that much of it comes from under-use. People don't have a regular and systematic strength training program for their torso, shoulders, arms and wrists.


Fix Hip Pain

There's an epidemic of hip pain caused by legs and hips that are out of alignment. I'll show you a set of exercises that are going to get your hips back in better alignment and working like hips are designed to work. When you do some of these exercises we recommend you won't believe how weak and tight some of the muscles around your hips and pelvic area have become.


The alignment of your legs, how you stand, how you walk and how much of your time you send sitting down have a critical bearing on hip function. It could be the case that the hip that is painful is protecting the one that is more dysfunctional. Just strengthening the muscles around your hip will make a big difference to how you feel. We’ve got the strength training program for you. Just keep in mind it’s going to take months, not days for the pain relief to really kick in.


Fix Knee Pain

In the Fix Knee Pain ebook w’ll provide you with clues as to the reasons why you’ve got painful knees. It’s usually the case that the bones of the legs are out of alignment and the bearing between them (the knee) is wearing out. Ligaments, tendons and muscles have been stretched beyond their pain threshold.


We’ll let you know the likely causes of the leg bones being out of alignment. We’ll show you some of the key strength and flexibility exercises you need to do to get your knees back in better alignment. Better alignment equals less pain.


Fix Achilles Tendon, Calf and Shin Pain

We outline the likely causes of your pain and provide you with exercises and strategies to restore poor function to good. Painful Achilles come with tight calf, hamstring and buttock muscles. We'll tell you about the benefits that come with using a range of modalities - persistently - to fix your dysfunction. In particular You'll get exercises you won't have seen at other Achilles tendonitis sites.



Get Back Into Better Alignment



You'll also receive the bonus “I’m getting back into Better Alignment” inner mental training MP3 audio file.


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