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Miller Health in association with Integrated Health Systems and Global Back Care have developed the Pro-Active Rehab clinical diagnostic assessment and treatment program for lower back and other personally-generated musculo-skeletal pain. It's a program that eliminates the need for expensive



medical procedures, like visits to doctors, radiologists, chemists and surgeons




therapeutic treatments that involve rubbing, crunching, heating, vibrating, strapping ...




gadgets, machines, slings, frames ...


At the heart of the program is a system which allows you to determine why your skeleton is out of alignment.


This revolutionary, yet simple and cost effective technology promises to do more for your musculo-skeletal health than any medical, pharmaceutical or allied heath therapeutic treatments.


All you need to do is complete a range of physical assessments and get someone to take videos of yourself in a range of diagnostic postures. From that we'll be able to provide you with



information about the likely cause(s) of your pain




a strength and flexibility exercise prescription designed to get your skeleton back into better alignment and strong enough to do every day tasks without breaking down.


Using our plan you stand to save yourself, hundreds, thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on other treatments.


It puts you in charge of your musculo-skeletal health.


A high proportion of people with lower back pain have a fitness problem, not a medical problem and only on the rarest of occasions can you fix a fitness-generated problem with a medical solution.


And only on the rarest of occasions can someone else fix your fitness problem - you've got to fix it yourself.


While there may be some exceptions to the rule, a strength and flexibility program that gets your body back into better alignment is the quickest and cheapest way to relieve lower back and other musculo-skeletal pain.


The exceptions are muscle and skeletal damage caused by trauma and a problem that's been left too long unsolved.


Think of it like this: what happens when you notice that one of the front tyres on your car is wearing unevenly. Do you just change the tyre or do you get the front end re-aligned?




By far and away a high proportion of joint and muscle pain is personally generated. There is no accident or trauma, just muscles gradually moving bones out of alignment year in, year out.


Which leads us to the first principle of musculo-skeletal dysfunction: it's muscles that take bones out of alignment. That's the bad news. The good news is that if muscles can take bones out of alignment, there's a good chance that muscles can take bones back into alignment.


The second principle is that when it comes to lower back pain, the cause of the pain is rarely at the site of the pain. This principle applies equally to knees, hips and necks.


1. DIAGNOSIS - physical assessment and postural analysis process


Using the clinical diagnostic assessment process you will be taken through an physical assessment and postural analysis process of determining which muscles have taken your lower vertebrae out of alignment. (The application will also help diagnose the cause(s) of hip, neck, shoulder and knee pain.)


Click here

to view the clinical postural

diagnostic assessment template.


How long will the assessment take?


We estimate that completing the assessments and the postural analysis photos and videos will take about an hour.




Once you have completed the assessment and postural analysis you'll be able to upload your results to our secure website where our musculo-skeletal health experts will provide you with a detailed assessment of the likely cause(s) of your joint and muscle pain.




Having determined which muscles have taken bones out of alignment our experts will then prescribe a suite of strength and flexibility exercises that you can do in your own home (and/or a fitness centre) that are designed to get your body back into better alignment and pain free.


The exercises will come in the form of a series of ebooks and videos prepared by our affiliate partner, Global Back Care.


In bringing about this realignment we will treat your body as a musculo-skeletal ecosystem. As well as loosening off particular tight muscles we recommend a loosening of muscles throughout the body. In fact many people experience pain in the middle of their body because they are 'tight' from top to toe.


When the body can exhibit the actions of a body in good musculo-skeletal health, chances are the particular joint that was dysfunctional will be back in good alignment and functioning normally. It's as simple as that.


As well as loosening tight muscles we'll provide you with exercises that strengthen weak muscles so the body is able to sustain activities that people in good musculo-skeletal health take in their stride without breaking down.




Unlike an X-ray or MRI which show you 'what is', what the Pro-Active Rehab Clinical Diagnosis does is show you what's caused 'what is'. If the bones in your lower back are out of alignment, our diagnosis will show you what's caused the bones to move out of alignment - and ligaments, tendons and muscles to be stretched beyond their pain threshold.


An typical X-ray report will look something like this:


   ‘ … there is a central disc protrusion with a focul annular tear … facet joint arthropathy and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy … there is a disc bulge which is paracentral to the left side and extended in to the foramen and far laterally … there is mild crowding of the cauda equine ….’


But whilst it’s all well and good to know what’s going on in your back, we need to go back a stage and find out what has caused the ‘central disc protrusion with a focul annular tear … facet joint arthropathy, ligamentum flavum hypertrophy … and disc bulge.’


The Clinical Diagnosis will provide you with that information.


Most people don't need an X-ray or an MRI to tell them their bones are out of alignment: that's what pain's for.




The beauty of the Pro-Active Rehab musculo-skeletal health Clinical Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Program is you're going to learn the exercises only you, yourself, can do to get your body back into better alignment. You'll be able to do these exercises in your own home in your own time. If you're a TV watcher we recommend you do the exercises while you watch.


Using the Pro-Active Rehab process you're going to save yourself a fortune in bills for medical and therapeutic treatment regimes. We'll teach you to be your own therapist, spending time each evening, at home doing the exercises that only you can do to get your body back into better alignment.


For most people it is unlikely that they will need to have an X-ray or MRI. If you've got lower back pain you can be certain that bones are out of alignment and ligaments, tendons and muscles stretched beyond their pain threshold.


If every time you sneeze or cough it feels like someone is stabbing you in the back with a red hot poker you can be pretty certain that you've herniated one or more discs.


If, to be on the safe side you feel it is appropriate to see a radiologist, by all means do so.


Using the Pro-Active Rehab musculo-skeletal health diagnostic and treatment program, there are no ongoing visits to doctors, radiologists, and various manipulating therapists; no rubbing, crunching, heating or vibrating at the spot where it hurts, no strapping, doping or surgery - just you doing the exercises that only you can do to get your skeleton back into better alignment.


Once your skeleton is back in alignment the symptoms of the misalignment go away. You'll be pain free.


At all times remember that we can give you the exercises, but we can't do them for you.


If you choose to have additional manipulative therapy, keep in mind that the manipulative therapy may speed up the rehab process, but won't take the places of the exercises you need to do yourself.


What we have for you is the most thorough and cost effective way for you to find out what's causing your pain, coupled with a strength and flexibility exercise prescription designed to treat the cause and get you back into pain free state.


Whilst it is hard to make promises we believe that for 80% of people there's an 80% chance they can get their body back to at least 80% of good musculo-skeletal health in around 80 days.


How long it takes depends on how long it took your body to become dysfunctional, how dysfunctional it is and the frequency, intensity and duration of your strength and flexibility training program.


If you believe the program is totally unsuitable for your condition we will provide you with a refund commensurate with the value of our ebooks and videos. Not willingly mind you, because we'll be disappointed that we were unable to help you. All you have to do is give the program your best shot.


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