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If you attend a Pro-Active Rehab Clinic you'll be given a personal assessment of your musculo-skeletal health an d a strength and flexibility exercise program to get your skeleton back into better alignment and your muscles strong enough to do every day tasks without breaking down.


Clinical Assessment

You'll be taken through our Clinical Assessment during which you'll gain a good appreciation of which muscles are weak, which muscles are tight and what you, yourself can do to restore poor function to good.


Always keep in mind that joint and muscle pain is usually a symptom of bones being out of alignment.


Getting the bones back into alignment is something only you can do for yourself. We'll show you the exercises designed to do that.



As well as knowing what you can do at home to improve your condition, you'll then have the opportunity to joint one of our regular one hour classes.



There are five Pro-Active Workouts, all designed to loosen off the muscles that have taken the pelvis and the bones above it out of alignment – and strengthen the major muscles of the body.



10 minute work-place workout – with strength and flexibility exercises being rotated during the week.




20 minute workout - our recommended back pain maintenance program comprising a suite of flexibility and strength exercises. Recommended for both work and home.




1 hour workout - with more exercises and some being done for longer periods. Recommended for people who are at grave risk of back pain and those who already have it. The workout can take place at a Pro-Active Rehab Clinic or at home – or both




2 hour workout - an extension of the one hour workout with some exercises being done for longer periods of time. Our recommended workout for people in pain -at home.




4 hour workout - an extension of the two-hour program with an extra rotation of the deep, relaxing flexibility exercises and a strength training session.



7 hour workout - an intensive (though not strenuous) program of seven hours a day over 5 or more days, designed to kick-start the rehab process and get the body back into better alignment. It involves three rotations of the exercises in the 2-hour program, plus strength and aerobic fitness workouts and inner mental training.


Participants receive information on a range of general health topics, including fitness, diet and stress management.


To be able to spend 7 hours a day in a supervised class, promises to have a dramatic impact on speeding up the rehab process.


In the 7 hours a day program, the focus is



a slow, gentle flexibility program designed to loosen off the tight muscles that have taken the pelvis and the bones above it out of alignment.




a graduated strength training program designed to support the skeleton in good alignment and the body able to do every day tasks without breaking down. The session involves strength exercises with and without the use of strength training machines.




a graduated aerobic fitness training program. A lot of people with musculo-skeletal dysfunction are in poor metabolic health




inner mental training, designed to relax mind and body and get the mind focused on getting the body back into good health.




a seminar program dealing with a range of general health topics.


In short it’s a full week, devoted to becoming stronger, more flexible, back in better alignment and becoming focused on being in good musculo-skeletal health.


After that you'll know exactly what to do at home or a Pro-Active Rehab Clinic.


Regardless of the format of your workouts, the Pro-Active Rehab is the cheapest way to restore poor musculo-skeletal health to good.


In fact, once you've completed the clinical assessment it's up to you to decide what you're going to do.


Some people can do it themselves. Others find attending a Pro-Active Rehab Clinic several times a week keeps them up to the mark.


In a nutshell the aim of the Pro-Active Rehab program is to provide members of the community, together with people on workers compensation (and those at grave risk to an organisation’s workers compensation arrangements) with an intensive, supervised musculo-skeletal rehab program designed to loosen tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles, so they quickly get back into better alignment and pain free in the shortest possible time.


If passive therapies are to be included in the rehab mix, they may speed up the rehab process.



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