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There is an epidemic of poor metabolic health. We know it by its symptoms.

People are tired all the time. They're over weight, they get frequent headaches and suffer from abdominal pain, insomnia, brain fog, reflux, constipation, piles, sore muscles and the deadly metabolic trinity - high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar.


It is growing at an exponential rate as people lead increasing sedentary lives, stuff themselves with flour flour and sugar, drink more and more alcohol, cola and milk and live lives that swing between stressed-out-of-their-brain and quiet desperation.


There is no known medical cure for poor metabolic health. That's because the symptoms are a reflection of fitness problems, not medical problems (and only on the rarest of occasions can you fix fitness problems with medical solutions).


Metabolic health is the term given to describe the efficiency of the system that delivers essential nutrients to cells and removes waste products from them. The system is driven by the 'metabolic engine' that resides inside your torso.


It is intimately connected to the environment and mental health.



A more detailed look at the metabolic engine outlines its principle functions.



People are poorly acquainted with the underlying causes of metabolic dysfunction. Similarly with physicians, otherwise they wouldn't be prescribing drugs to mask the symptoms.


You can be certain that headaches are not caused by a lack of Panadol, depression is not caused by a lack of Zoloft, Reflux is not caused by a lack of Mylantin, abdominal pain is not caused by a lack of Prilosec, High blood pressure is not caused by a lack of Avapro, High blood cholesterol is not caused by a lack of Lipitor, high blood sugar is not caused by a lack of Gliclazide any more that piles are caused by a lack of Anusol!


At Pro-Active Rehab we've got the smart diagnostic and prescription tools you provide you, your doctor and fitness practitioner with every encouragement and incentive to keep yourself in good metabolic health.


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