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I train, you train, we all train


One of the most powerful strategies for maintaining a lasting fitness program is to have a committed training partner. They're committed to you achieving your health, fitness and wellbeing goals and you're committed to them achieving theirs.


For some people a family member as a committed training partner works well. For many it doesn't. They collude in the process of sabotaging workouts - 'it's too hot, too cold, too early, too late; I'm too tired, I've got an early appointment' - you've heard them all.


I've had several good training partners in my time. Years ago I used to run in the mornings with Kerry O'Brien - his slow run, my fast.


Later I ran regularly with a friend from down the road, John Raftery. Later still I used to meet Chris Sumner at the gym and workout on the VersaClimber.


These days I walk with Peter Green three mornings a week and go to the gym with my wife Christine on another three mornings.


Without a training partner you have to be very disciplined.


If you're like me you need to share the discipline with someone else.


The concept of iitrain is to connect people with like fitness interests.


- as individuals using the iitrain app


- pairing up with people who are clients of the same doctor


- pairing up with people who train at the same gym or have the same personal trainer


- pairing up with people who work in the same organisation


- medical insurance companies


-  churches, mosques, synagogues and voluntary organisations


- community groups, local areas, streets ...


- school communities


- ....


With the exception of the first condition, the system contains inbuilt safety/security and promotional mechanisms.



Most people have a fair idea of what they need to do. They have the motive. They want to get better.


But motive without action is dead.


What most people don't understand is that, 'You don't motivate yourself to do something, you do something and then become motivated.'


A training partner helps put the action into motive. It helps to overcome the inertia generated by a comfortable life.


So, going forward and using the iitrain app, here's what a doctor will be able to say to their client, 'Here's your exercise prescription. You can do it on your own or, preferably do it with someone else. Download the iitrain app and search for the people who are clients of this surgery, I'm sure you'll find someone who is committed to doing what you want to do. Plus I'll be able to monitor your progress.'


It's pretty much the same with a gym. A lot of people go on their own. Training with someone else makes the commitment just that bit easier.


When the iitrain app is up and running I'll report back.




The population is becoming unhealthier.


It's a big ask expecting to stay healthy without keeping yourself fit.


One of the great tragedies of modern medical practice is that the medical industry is poorly equipped to diagnose the fitness-related causes of the great metabolic, musculoskeletal and (non) clinical psychological dysfunctions.


The medical industry is also very good at providing their clients with prescriptions to mask the symptoms of the major body system dysfunctions - when what is needed are prescriptions that will restore poor function to good.


Rarely are people given a fitness test to assess their levels of aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. They'll get everything but, including expensive pathology and radiological tests that provide doctors and their clients with less useful information than a good fitness test.


The usual exercise prescription is generally inadequate in terms of frequency, intensity and duration.


If the secret to improving your health is a good fitness training program, then it's a regular and systematic fitness training program you need to embark on.


To do it successfully you need all the help you can get, and if you can get it for free, then so much the better.


Get yourself a training partner who is as committed to you getting fitter as you are.



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