Pro-Active Solutions for the Prevention and Treatment of Personally-generated  Body System Dysfunctions


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If there is one thing that organisations around Australia are universally not good at, it is measuring and managing the risk of personally-generated metabolic, musculo-skeletal and (non)clinical psychological dysfunctions.


The key symptoms of this failure are high levels of


-  absenteeism

-  presenteeism

-  workers' compensation claims for musculo-skeletal dysfunction and stress

-  staff turnover


At Integrated Health Systems our aim is to


help organisations measure and manage these risks


inspire and motivate staff to keep themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability.

elevate the profile of ‘health’ in workplace health and safety (WHS).


We do this with our extensive array of assessment tools, our seminar programs and our health information management system.




Our particular focus is helping organisations achieve ZERO workers compensation claims for personally-generated musculo-skeletal dysfunctions and stress.




The Integrated Health Systems workplace health and safety model is designed to place greater emphasis on the health side of the WHS equation.



We've expanded the definition of 'health' to include 'health, fitness and wellbeing'.


The reason is because the workers compensation claims for personally-generated body system dysfunctions, in particular stress and musculo-skeletal dysfunction have surpassed claims for genuine work-related accidents.


If the truth be known, many staff in corporate organisations are in poor health, stemming from low levels of physical fitness, poor diet and high stress levels emanating from a lack of personal and career development.




We have five areas of focus


•   corporate health


•   metabolic health


•   musculo-skeletal health


•   stress management


•   Health Information management.




We conduct health, fitness and wellbeing ...











pro-active musculo-skeletal and stress management rehab programs


... that assist organisations to first measure and then manage the risks associated with low levels of health, fitness and wellbeing.




Our clients are able to access our audit reports via our cloud-based health information management system.


Assessment information is stored in a way that allows organisations to track risk management interventions.


The reports provide organisation with objective evidence to support or deny workers compensation claims.


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