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Musculo-skeletal Health

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The Pro-Active Rehab program has been developed by Canberra-based physical educator, John Miller. His philosophy is underpinned by his belief that in our society it's a big ask expecting to stay healthy without keeping yourself fit and that it's an even bigger ask expecting to get better by having someone do something to you. Sooner or later you have to do something to yourself.




At Pro-Active Rehab we hold to the optimistic belief that there is a good chance that when people improve their aerobic fitness and their diet there is a high likelihood that their metabolic health will improve dramatically.






When they embark on the strength and flexibility exercises designed to get their skeleton back into better alignment their musculo-skeletal health will improve. There is a good chance the joint and muscle pain will disappear.





Keeping an eye on the circles surrounding the stress triangle is a surefire way to enhance mental health.


What's unique about this program is that it's pro-active, you do it to yourself, you don't rely on other people doing something to you.


If you want to get better you have to do something to yourself. Whatever you do has to have the frequency, duration and intensity for poor health to be restored to good.


In the Pro-Active Rehab program our aim is to dramatically reduce the time if takes for people to improve the status of their metabolic, musculo-skeletal and mental health..




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